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Volunteer Candidate Information

We hope to see you at the Butler County Children's Water Festival this year.

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Volunteers are needed any time between 7:30 am and 3:00 pm.  A minimum of three hours is asked from volunteers.

Lunch Choice: Turkey Beef Veggie  
Soda Choice: Cola Caffeine Free Diet Water
I can volunteer as a: Classroom Volunteer (45 needed)
  Logistics Volunteer (25 needed)
  No Preference
T-shirts are free:

Check one or more of the following volunteer opportunities you are most
interested in.

Bus Router - Arriving: Volunteers will help the arriving students get matched with their volunteers as they arrive on campus.

Bus Router - Departing: Volunteers will help the departing students get matched with their buses as they leave the closing.

School Guides: One volunteer is needed for each of the approximately 40 school groups attending the festival. The volunteer will be responsible for leading the class to its scheduled presentations on the campus. These volunteers will be paired with their class as the schools arrive. For continuity, we would prefer that the school guides be available for the 4.5 hours the schools will be on campus (9:00-1:30 for ½ of the students; 9:30 to 2:00 for the other ½).

Hall Monitors: Ten to fifteen volunteers are needed as hall monitors to assist any lost children or guides. Hall monitors will also be available to help address any problems with presenter displays.

Breakfast/Lunch Room: Approximately two volunteers will be needed for the presenter breakfast/lunch area. We will have donuts and coffee available for presenters in the morning as they arrive and box lunches for lunch. The breakfast/lunch room volunteers will help make sure coffee is available and lunch service is running smoothly. These volunteers will also help make sure the box lunches brought by the schools are distributed to the schools at lunch.

Miscellaneous: A variety of small tasks will require volunteers. Listed volunteers may be able to complete some of these tasks, but additional volunteers may be needed. Miscellaneous tasks include decorations and tidy-up detail (the university will do the actual clean up). I expect that we will have other needs for volunteers that have not been identified in this memo.

Closing: Crowd control during Cat Ambassador Program. Duties will include helping the students understand the importance of being quiet and maintaining orderly ingress and egress from the gym.

Cleaning Crew: Volunteers will be responsible for removing signs from the class rooms, making sure all rooms are cleaned up, helping presenters load material and any other tasks as needed.



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